Wednesday, August 7, 2013

London Piano Institute: The Importance of Playing in a Chamber Music Setting

London Piano Institute has found that for its students, playing piano is often a solo venture. While many other musicians perform in an orchestra or band, pianists usually perform alone. As a leader in piano instruction in the London area, the Institute has found that chamber music provides budding pianists the perfect opportunity to enjoy making music in a group.

Unlike other orchestral settings, a chamber music gathering involves a relatively small group of musicians, all gathered in a small music hall. Most pianists find that performing as part of a small group is dramatically different from performing solo, with each performer working together to create the desired sound. London Piano Institute has learned that throughout history, participating in a chamber experience has been inspiring to many artists, including some of the most talented pianists of all time.

Many artists consider it an intimate experience to perform as part of a group. The shared experience of creating music together creates a bond, London Piano Institute explains, and it’s a bond that can’t be replicated in a solo performance. The Institute points to several books and articles on the topic of chamber performance, which can be very valuable for new students to read during the process of learning to play.

London Piano Institute teaches students from all backgrounds, providing expert training from one of the best musical talents today. Celine Gaurier-Joubert is recognized throughout the world for her talent as a pianist after having trained for more than 10 years in Paris. Through London Piano Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert inspires and motivates each student, instilling them with the skills necessary to become a world-class talent on the piano.


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