Sunday, August 11, 2013

London Piano Institute Pays Tribute to the Great Pianist Dinu Lipatti

London Piano Institute founder and master piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert cites Romanian-born Dinu Lipatti as her favourite pianist of all time. London Piano Institute believes that all pianists owe a debt of inspiration to the great artists who have come before, and Lipatti has earned that distinction.

Born in Bucharest in 1917 to a violinist father and piano teacher mother, Lipatti quickly took to the piano and even performed a Mozart minuet at his own baptism as a young child, only slightly older than an infant. Later a 16-year-old pupil at the famed Bucharest Conservatory, Lipatti entered the 1933 Vienna International Music Competition and tied for second place. According to London Piano Institute, the primary judge was outraged that he did not win outright and arranged for him to study at École Normale de Musique (where Celine Gaurier – Joubert herself studied) in Paris, one of the leading centers for piano studies in Europe.

World War II interrupted his career, according to London Piano Institute, but Lipatti continued to perform, sometimes under Nazi occupation, until he fled with his wife in 1943 to neutral Switzerland where he became professor of piano at the Geneva Conservatory. London Piano Institute reports that it was while in Switzerland that the first signs of Hodgkin’s lymphoma appeared, the disease that would take his life only seven years later. London Piano Institute notes that in 1946 he signed an exclusive contract with EMI, but made only a few hours’ worth of recordings before he died in 1950 at the age of 33.

According to London Piano Institute founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert, Lipatti is arguably the best pianist that ever lived, considering the quality of sound and interpretation. London Piano Institute reports that Lipatti specialised in perfect interpretation, playing music as the composers intended it to be played. Unlike many modern pianists, according to London Piano Institute, his primary concern was not only virtuosity (speed or musical fireworks) but the purest interpretation of piano music. Despite that fact, reports London Piano Institute, those who witnessed his performances, or those today who listen to his recordings, can discern a technical prowess seldom equaled.

London Piano Institute reports that most famous professional pianists focus more on the right hand. Lipatti paid special attention to the left and made sure that it sounded as musically expressive as the right. London Piano Institute founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert comments that he always made sure his piano playing had a vocal/singing quality to it and that each note got the attention it deserved. According to London Piano Institute, contemporaries reported that each finger demonstrated unusual independence and dexterity, which contributed to his ability to bring out individual notes in a passage. London Piano Institute reports that Lipatti is particularly renowned for his interpretations of Chopin, Mozart and Bach, but also performed and recorded Ravel, Liszt, Enescu and the Grieg and Schumann piano concertos.

Lipatti was also a composer of note, according to London Piano Institute. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to classical music interpretation and composition he was posthumously elected in 1997 as a member of the Romanian Academy. London Piano Institute is London’s only adults-only piano school. London Piano Institute is known as the place for adults who are passionate about learning piano.


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