About London Piano Institute

London Piano Institute is London’s only piano instruction school designed for adult learners. London Piano Institute was founded by renowned piano pedagogue Celine Gaurier-Joubert, who guarantees piano students that they will receive only the most advanced instruction in the correct procedures and techniques aimed at fast and systematic progress toward mastery of the keyboard.

London Piano Institute offers instruction in classical, jazz, pop, rock and blues style piano with the confidence that anyone can learn to play piano to a satisfying degree of competence, despite earlier disappointments or the belief that they may not “have an ear” for music. London Piano Institute believes that anyone can learn to play piano with the right attitude, enthusiasm and a willingness to apply themselves.

London Piano Institute provides instruction to people from all professions and walks of life; busy physicians, investment bankers, artists, business professionals and retirees all have found success with London Piano Institute, as testimonials on their website will demonstrate. Many who found only frustration in earlier attempts to learn to play have found London Piano Institute the answer to their artistic dreams.

Many clients boldly stated that the London Piano Institute simply offers the best London-based piano lessons for adults of all levels!

Why is this? Perhaps it is due to the difference between knowing how to play and how to teach – the essence of pedagogy. London Piano Institute founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert has said that the key to success is threefold: instructional expertise, exceptional motivation on the part of the teacher and establishing a regular practice schedule, even just a few hours per week. London Piano Institute cannot guarantee every student will take the stage at world famous concert halls, but regular, optional student concerts are arranged at the school to help students gain the confidence they desire for themselves and to happily entertain others with the gift of music. London Piano Institute is located in central London, UK.


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